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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PST

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@ptends to interfere with the equipment in the room and can we please rise for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag to the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> madam president please call
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testing testing captioning testing captioning testing captioning testing captioning testing captioning testing. >> i am here speaking truth to power free of all fear. years ago i publicly baptized captain cojack who became chief and
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unbeknownst to law enforcements they're teefs and steal from us in california and i middle fingered those bankers and we californians have the power to open the doors to the promised land. as of january first almost 200,000 californians embraced ceasing the curse and sheriffs and cops and put forth the words and put forth the stops and they all got off the fence by with holding mortgages and rents and harming the bankers who maintain oppressions and oil tankers and while the bankers are pissed every payment missed and the media refuses to attest that california sheriffs and cops have champions these stops. after all who would dare to challenge or charge or arrest for denzil washington said "cops are the chosen people in" in
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the movie "fallen" and all be callen and angels for nerve and all mighty creator liberator now do fully serve. it is kind of exciting to know that these bankers are behind all of this and we have taken steps to have this happen and i pulled out one of the trees across theistry. i was going to slam it against this but they wouldn't let me bring it in the door and i know you can't make a statement and law enforcement support this is and stealing 72% of the money in california and you're begging for nickels and dimes and that game is over and look up sheriff rich -- >> thank you. >> sir, excuse me sir your time is up. >> thank you. >> and look up sheriff david clark as well. thank you for
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your time. >> thank you sir. >> [inaudible] than the people are to the animals -- >> thank you sir. your time is up. >> ladies and gentlemen and the audience and commissioners good evening. happy new year to you all. >> thank you disblim here for a couple of reasons today. there is a lot of news circulating about having police men helping in the assistant suicide. we know what is going on in the last weeks between police officers being murdered and various citizens of the counties and that they represent being shot by policemen. i brought today a couple of newspapers. one is from city college. these men do not have guns. two, i also brought you a well known black newspaper in the bay area that shows a
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report. he felt that the police department had a bias that only black men get shot. no one else. here's his report. last but not least is from the journal of environmental criminology which isn't published in the chronicle but other newspapers on the peninsula they came up with a study that the bias is in reverse. they prefer to shoot a white person. there is no animosity in the police department of who was shot and how. in an view with 300 police officers it was stated not one of them complained when they shot a white guy but they complained when they shot a black person and the bias across the united
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states in 50 states. i have an article out of the newspaper. i'm going to leave copies for you and kowps for the audience at large that there is something going on in the media that isn't being reported and we have a lot of anarchists that jump on to the bias when police officers claim they don't shoot a lot of blackos purpose. >> thank you. >> i have seven copies here for you right here. >> i appreciate it. >> i thank you for your time on this issue. >> hello welcome. >> welcome. hello i here with my colleagues in san francisco and addressing some of the issues with the police. the one is the lack of community involvement specifically with youth. one of the only
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community actions that the sfpd does is the youth prevention program that involves hiking, backpacking and kayaking and people from imporished backgrounds or low income backgrounds can't get into and i ask you to work with hip hop for change and [inaudible]. these are peoples deal with black and brown youth in the community that sfpd is likely to harass showing they arrest youths in these communities more than any other in san francisco. other issue is the lack of data collection of the program on the website gives the public a list of arrests and crimes that within the city but it doesn't break them down by gender, sex, age or race, and this makes it
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very difficult to track who is being arrested, where they're being arrested and by whom they're being arrested tmakes it hard to understand why some disparities within the city are being caused and this leads to -- this has directly lead to some of the issues that the sfpd has faced when people bring up the fact that black and brown youth are arrested by the sfpd more than any other demographic within san francisco and this trend has been increasing throughout the baft couple of years and it's startling because we're seeing these youth being murdered by the sfpd with little or no repercussions to these officers. thank you. >> just out of curiosity. thank you for identifying those programs and i think the chief pass you his card. i will give you my card as well but i would like you to look into project
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genesis that the san francisco police department created and we take kids to africa to learn about their heritage and where they come from every year. it's an ongoing program started by one of the officers here in the san francisco police department. there are various programs that have just begun and under development so we appreciate your comments and i certainly would appreciate talking to you about it. >> chief, do you want to add anything about the programs that we currently do? >> if you would just email me to that address i will get you all the information that you need. i am happy to come to speak to the three groups that you talked about. >> [inaudible] >> i am here just to share some statistics on behalf of my colleagues and i. so i am here representing [inaudible] and the youth of san francisco so some articles we were able to cite
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from on center on criminal yesterday and 2012 and african-americans experience felony arrests higher than others and 3.-- [inaudible] higher than others in california. the san francisco explosion and felony arrests of african-american in 95 and 2009 period didn't occur elsewhere in the state and other areas. 40% drug arrests and have arrest rates higher than 50% -- i mean five times than the counter parts are in other counties. more than half youth drug felonies involve african-americans who constitute 9% of the city youth and 1/3 latino males who compromise 11% of city youth. despite this
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disproportionality drug arrests and rates young young african-americans in san francisco of more than 2,000 residents and non residents in the city who have died from abuse of illicit drug in the last decade six of 10 were non latino whites and more than seven of 10 were able 40 and older. in 2009 even though african-americans represented this% of the population they [inaudible] narcotic arrests. sf weekly and the data base stand out as of [inaudible] -- 59% of gang members are black and 31 were hispanic. it's a notable chunk of the city that is only 6% black. less than 20% of gang members are black. no one had a proportion higher than 29%. >> thank you for coming and i appreciate all the statistics that you cited and those have been shared in the past as well. the 2012 report referred back
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to 2010 and nine statistics so i don't know if the chief -- you probably don't have new numbers for us but -- >> if you give me that card now i will write a different email on the back but i will give you the current numbers as much as i have, and the commissioner is correct. most of those numbers that you're commenting from 2009. >> and the report was written after that but thank you for raising it. >> actually she didn't have enough time but i will finish. jeff [inaudible] is going to pursue a study and he found -- this is recent. he announced this last month -- >> who is your name? >> anthony jones. >> thank you. >> i am with the [inaudible] movement with the church and i used to be on the youth commission here in the city and we kind of going through the same sentiment, and specifically we're speaking on the killings
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of unarmed black men and sort of the racial disparities in the criminal justice system. we feel that the police department as a community and the police commission yourself could be a little more progressive on this issue, specifically with youth representation. we are looking on trying to get you guys to put a youth on this body. it is important that the youth that are highly interactive with the police department are representing on this commission itself. barack obama trips and trifs to. >> >> africa are good but engraining the youth into the fabric of the city and democrat in and more impactful than that. the youth commission has been helpful in the community and youth in the community would be very active here as well and one of the misconceptions about this movement it's an anti-police movement. some in the police community has painted -- you know, this is more true in new
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york city and even in some areas here but this is a better police department movement, a better services movement, better transparency movement, a better relations and government movement, hiring movement, accountability movement. we are a community of youth and taxpayers too and we call on this body to act within its authority to have a police department that is prudent and critical in interactions with youth and particularly black and brown youth and it shouldn't be a legitimate fear that we get shot and hurt. we demand the same thing that is afforded to those that are not black and brown like ourselves. [applause] >> hello. my name is rita lark. i live down in north beach place. i'm a resident there and i would like to ask a
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question. okay. i seen two people they're running around and get arrested and charged and it seems like every time you come down and pick them up they get right back out. the address is 567 bay street apartment 1511. 21 victims had home invasions, rapes, molested and robbed and home taken over and it didn't make sense to me, and i also want to know down in mcdonald's at the wharf there are them hanging out there too and they come in different shades, hispanics and african-americans are hanging around that mcdonald's and it's so bad my daughter doesn't want to go there and she can point them out and show them to me and it's side that fisherman's wharf is having this and you have the
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individuals in the area or trying to follow you home or sock you and rob you. i had an information on safe way on the 31st where twoed have the s individuals were in the mall watching people and he walked up on my daughter and take the money from her and i followed him and he disappeared. like i said they have security there but they need to tighten it up and look at the whole mall. i look at who is shopping in the mall. every point from the mall to the parking lot -- all of that needs to be patrolled. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is -- yeah, i want to use the overhead. i am paula brown. i haven't been here and i have been in school. i finished with my finals. i
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would like to use the overhead. again i am here concerning my son abbrew casa who was murdered 2006 to a semi auto gun, 30 rounds of bullets went into my son and to this day i have no closure, no justice and as you know i always come here every wednesday, and i am back again, and i just want to bring awareness that people know who killed my son. here are the names of all the men, the young men that was there who murdered my son. thomas hannibal, thomas moveet, jaim [inaudible] hunter, maurice quarter. they're running the streets except for one of them. i don't think they should get away with what they did to my child. i am still suffering. i will still going
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through it and i am tired. i need justice. i need some kind of closure. i don't think they should get away with what they have done. they can't say i was young. i was high. you still have to be accountable for what you have done. we talk about unsolved murders. my son's case is unsolved and all these men on here cased unsolved. all lives matter. all lives matter. i say that. i have this picture of my son that's laying on the gurney dead shot full of bullets. this is the only memory i have. i worry about my children i have left. i tell them you don't want your mother standing over
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you. you don't want your mother standings over you. for me to be eight years out of my son's death and i am still going through it. it's sad. just see what i have to remember. i wouldn't wish this on the perpetrator's mother to go through what i am going through. please help me get closure. >> chief, you have the award poster and there is an award for anyone that aids in the investigation. >> do we have a number for anyone that aids in the case? >> yes. as ms. brown said one of the suspects is deceased and the other five are out there and 575-4444. area code 415 and anyone watching who has information we would appreciate it as we need help solving the case. >> and the case number is
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060-86-2038. please use that if anybody have any information i want to thank the project dream for the toys for the healing circle. thank you for them. thank you. >> thank you ms. brown. [applause] next speaker. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is emanuel and i have a complaint with -- actually i have a complaint about the office of citizens complaints, two valid complaints. one was the complaint i had filed about how to request documents from the san francisco police department. the officer that signed the release form on both situations signed the release of one form
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on the eighth of january 2013 and signed the release of the same request with other dates and numbers a week later. now considering the fact that the officer and i at the time were in mediation for a different complaint at the occ i would have presumed that the officer was aware of the name and would have paid more attention and would have come up why these documents were altered. also i have complained 2-8 14 with the office of citizens complaints. that was addressed against -- [inaudible] i'm sorry just her name she had signed the form, and that's why it was directed towards the chief. nothing personal against her but the
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office of citizen complaints claims they haven't been able to investigate that even though the sunshine ordinance task force has found the chief in violation. the office of citizen complaints maintains they can't find the records from the sunshine ordinance task force. the investigator assigned to the case has called me and left messages about the different case all together. my complaints to the officer of citizens complaints has gone unzeroed. a request for a hearing after the first -- i'm sorry. i guess i am out of time. >> so they're are representatives from the occ that can potentially answer your questions in detail but the time is up for general public comment. thank you sir. >> hello everybody. i am here as a resident of potrero hill. i took off of work to be here so
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you guys almost made a grave blunder by about to take our officers. we have thompson, cater, delusa and august. those are the officers for potrero hill and taken us time to build a relationship with them and you're taking the sunnydale officers and move them and put officers into the public housing that different dealt with it. i make a suggestion you get out of the desks and put on the tennis shoes and go into the communities you're making the decisions for. i am glad it's rectified and it's not going to happen but i don't want it to happen later on. like i said you're the babysitters. the police are the babysitters. and you don't just let anybody baby sit the kids. you interview them and train them. the officers need to be trained. we


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